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How to Ensure That Your Prospects Are Happy

January 28, 2016

The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those crowded with fruition. -Oliver Goldsmith


In making a sale, the salesperson needs to find the fit between the prospect and the product or service (or both) that he or she is selling. The challenge is that even if the salesman, for instance, find the fit between the two, the sale doesn’t happen. Why? It’s because somewhere along the sales process the prospect resists due to some sort of dissatisfaction. To eliminate hesitance and rejection, here are some ways to turn the tables in your favor.

How to make your prospects happy

1) Get your prospect to like you

2) Get your prospect to trust you

3) Show the prospect that you care


1) Get your prospect to like you

Perhaps, this is the most important and most practical tip to guide you in making your prospects as delighted as possible. Wait up. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be uberly likable so he or she will consider doing business with you.

You need not tell a prospect compliments especially if you don’t mean any of them. When we say get him to like you, it means being friendly and nice. It’s in the way you dress, talk, act, interact, ask questions, etc. How you conduct yourself, in general, especially in front of the prospect impacts your likability, affecting the sale in the process.

One way of getting your prospect to like you is through seeking common grounds. It means doing your homework even before meeting the person for the first time. In these times when everyone you might know is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you cannot afford to go to a meeting unarmed with even the basic information about the person.

In fact, just a minute of browsing on the person’s Facebook wall will give you an idea of his or her interests, attitudes, beliefs, preferences and all other things. The caveat is you need to know the name of the person. Likewise, there’s a thin line that separates persistence from stalking.

On the other end, if digging up information on social media is not possible, why don’t you take your research a notch higher? For sure, you’ll know where he or she works. Start from there. The bottom-line is to find commonalities up front.

Prospects tend to hear out those salespeople who took the time knowing a thing or two about them mainly because these people deserve it.

2) Get your prospect to trust you

Likability is essential, but trust is important. Common sense dictates that no person will do a business with someone they don’t like. To like the person, however, he or she must demonstrate that he or she can be trusted.

After all, we are talking about making a sale which means money is involved. Would you entrust your hard-earned money to someone you don’t like? Not. The goal should be making the prospect feel that they can put their faith in you.

Now that’s tricky. What you can do is to build your credibility slowly. Be on time and be consistent about it. Keep your word. When you promise to have the quote ready by this date and time, the prospect is expecting to get the quote on that specific day and time.

If you said you will call on the 15th, make sure that you make that call. Send a handwritten note. It is more personal that way. Be accountable. Put simply, grab all those chances where you can show your reliability. If any those chances don’t come up, create the opportunity.

Remember that any action or lack of action on your part contributes to making a sale successful or not. Once you are unable to build the reputation of integrity, other prospects would know about it. Negative experiences spread faster than positive experiences.

People tend to know more about the former than the latter because a negative experience reaches twice as many ears compared to a positive one.

3) Show the prospect that you care

They are not your diversion; they are your target. Well, at least, that’s what goes on in your prospect’s mind. You are there just because you need him or her to buy from you.

One thing that you can do to is to demonstrate to them that you are after their best interest, that you are there to offer a solution to a particular problem. You need to do this more specifically if your presence is unsolicited, which is mostly the case.

Better yet, delight them with your expertise. At times, caring could mean showing how to check if their gadget is in optimal condition or not, how to maintain their gadget properly, how to maximize the use of such, etc. You really need to understand what your product or service can do to add value to the life of the prospect.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to make them realize that they need the product that you are selling. Also, be transparent about the weaknesses of what you are selling in particular. Everyone appreciates transparency.

Some experts would say to give a gift to your prospect. However, it can be considered impolite and unnecessary. Some prospects would feel compromised and obligated to do business with you just because you presented them with something. Thus, proceed with caution if you are considering this move.

These dynamics can change any hesitant prospect into a happy customer. If you are sensing that your prospect is not happy with the conversion at all, take the time to address the situation and do everything in your capacity to remedy such.

It’s not only about winning the customer, but also avoiding the negative WOM (word of mouth). We are after the first, you know.


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