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Are You a Desperate Salesperson? 6 Signs that You Are

September 19, 2016

Hitting one’s quota is one of the common issues a lot of salespeople have across different industries. With the tough market competition, professionals working on the field are pressed with the high demand in delivering high turnout.

This amount of pressure most of time reflects itself on the way by which salespeople conduct themselves in front of their prospects. One rule of thumb in dealing with clients is not to sound desperate. Below are signs that you are.

Desperate voice

Whether you like it or not, nervousness can be heard. It’s when you do not learn to master your nerves and stay calm that your own voice betrays your conviction to what you are talking about. This is basically true to any kind of speaking.

Worse, prospects sense it when you are desperate in your approach. Even if you are not presently aware that you are doing it in front of a person, it will manifest itself through your tone. If you cannot sense whether or not you are already sounding so desperate, encourage a friend to join you in one of your prospect meeting and ask him or her to watch your tone.

After one meeting, you can then ask for a feedback.

Bombarding your prospect with calls and emails

Let’s say for instance you manage to set a meeting with a prospect. Then, you decide on meeting with him or her again to invite the same person to attend one of your company’s free talks.  There will be times when that person has to pass the offer to favor something else. As the salesperson, you must be sensitive to your client’s personal affairs as well.

Unfortunately, many professionals forget about this and instead bombard their clients with calls after calls or send them emails containing similar content. While you might consider this as part of your strategy, you should also keep in mind that it’s a real hassle for anyone to entertain lost of messages about the same time. Bombarding them with such will only work to your disadvantage as this will likely be interpreted as being desperate.

Being too oblivious to hints

In relation to the previous one, it is vital that you be sensitive in hints. One sign that you are starting to become desperate is when you refuse to recognize that the other party is no longer interested with what you have to offer. Be sensitive to hints. Once you realize that the prospect is no longer interested, move on.  Other potential clients are waiting.

Giving ultimatums

An ultimatum is a red flag as this will likely appear as a sort of directive. A lot of potential clients will view this as a strong move to get them to say yes, even if they have not yet aired their personal issues. It is okay to set a proposed date of convenience for both parties. However, you must always keep in mind not to appear as if you’re forcing your client to agree on some terms he or she has not decided yet in the first place.

Trying to setup a meeting so hard

Since salespeople have a quota to hit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find them prospecting most of the time and setting up different meetings. This is all part of the process. However, if you are someone who works in the same industry and is looking for more ways to attract clients, keeping them at ease and comfortable is a must.

Trying so hard to set a meeting is sure to raise a red flag to potential clients who might still be weighing their options. Yes, meeting with clients is part of the process. But this shouldn’t come in the expense of making them uncomfortable.

Being too accommodating

Basic business courtesy demands you to be respectful and sensitive to your prospect’s needs. However, there is a fine difference when you become too accommodating to the point that it already lacks sincerity on it.

As a salesperson, it is important that you know to value your professionalism. Do not lower yourself too much just to accommodate the demands of the client. That is not your job. Negotiate and help your prospects. But don’t forget your professional value. If you need help in negotiating, don’t hesitate to use some of those productivity apps for salespeople.

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